Calling All Cowboys: It’s Time To Watch The Rodeo At Tailgate Social

Calling All Cowboys: It’s Time To Watch The Rodeo At Tailgate Social

Tailgate Social Has Picked Their Winners For Prime PRCA Viewing 

Giddyup–the Wrangler National Rodeo Finals are starting December 1st for ten full days of roping, riding, and rustling! Even though they’re taking place in Vegas, you’ll get the best view if you watch the rodeo at Tailgate Social–there’s a lot less dust and literal bullshit for one thing. The events start at 5:45 PM PST, so come try one–or both–of these rodeo-approved choices and watch the action until the cows come home at the best place to watch sports in Las Vegas! 

H3: Buckeroo Brew  

Beer Name: Wild Little Thing 

From: Chico, California 

Brewery: Sierra Nevada

Style: Sour

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 10

Pairs Best With: BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Why It Slaps: This is almost like if a Sour Patch Kid were drinkable. It has some pucker to it, but the hints of guava and hibiscus and the strawberry undertone make it finish a little sweeter. It pairs well with the tang of BBQ sauce, and it’s a great pick for when you’re wanting to switch things up a little bit. 

Review: “Like a chick wearing a cowboy hat, I was not expecting to be this into it. But here I am.” 


H3: Cowboy Nod Cocktail 

Drink Name: Raging Bull 

Base: Grey Goose Vodka 

Support: Ginger beer, lime, and smoked cherry syrup 

Style: On the rocks 

Pairs Best With: The Tailgate Burger 

Why It Slaps: This drink is great straight out of the chute. It’s got the lightweight taste of vodka with the crispness of ginger beer and a very subtle, earthy finish from the smoked cherry syrup. It goes well with practically everything on the menu and is perfect for having more than one if you’re chasing that rodeo buzz. 

Review: “This is like a cowboy took a Shirley Temple and butched it up. Threw some chaps on it and dusted it up a bit. A diamond in the rough.” 


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