Enjoy the Best Chicken Wings in Vegas at Tailgate Social

Enjoy the Best Chicken Wings in Vegas at Tailgate Social

Enjoy the Best Crispy Chicken Wings in Vegas Any Day of the Week at Tailgate Social 

National Chicken Wing Day was Friday, July 29th, which is sort of like saying it was National Breathe Air Day. Chicken Wings are an essential part of any sports bar and grill menu as 65% of Americans who eat chicken wings do so while watching sports. Additionally, 40.5% of people prefer to pair their chicken wings with a beer. Due to the data, it’s clear that a sports bar without chicken wings is like a broken pencil: absolutely pointless. That’s why Tailgate Social always has their Crispy Style Chicken Wings with six different sauces fired up and ready to go. But before you indulge in the best chicken wings in Vegas, check out this saucy lineup for you to choose from.

Some Like It Hot   

Buffalo is the OG of the wing sauces, but surprisingly it comes in second of all-time favs. What’s great about Buffalo sauce, however, is that the level of spiciness can be controlled due to how much hot sauce is put in the mixture. Another plus is that a good buffalo sauce is made with butter, giving it a savory finish that holds the heat. If you like to keep things classic and classy, grab a Bud Light to go with this tried and true standard sauce. It’s light enough to take the edge off but retain some of that finger-lickin’ flavor. 

Slap Yo Momma   

The phrase “slap yo momma” originates in the south, and despite its abrasive wording, it’s meant to be the highest form of compliment. The idea is that when you try something so delicious, you want to slap your mother for not cooking this well. That’s the sentiment when you try Tailgate Social’s Jerk and Spicy Korean wings–you’ll be upset the heat in your childhood kitchen wasn’t as hot as this. Jerk seasoning is probably named as such because it hits you with a punch you never saw coming. The Spicy Korean wings will have you in your feelings as they run the flavor gamut of sweet, spicy, tangy, and savory all at the same time. It’s highly recommended to have a Pacifico or Corona on hand when eating either of these because our southern neighbors know a thing or two about spice and how to make it play nice with your tongue.

Just a Little Kick   

Not everyone has high heat tolerance, and there’s no rule that says chicken wings have to set your mouth on fire. In fact, sweet BBQ sauce is the most popular in the nation, including Nevada. So if you want some tang without the backfire bang, opt for Tailgate’s BBQ sauce on your wings. Another safe yet savory option is the Lemon Pepper. Usually a dry rub, a little butter makes this sauce better and safe to lick your lips without needing to plunge your face in an ice bucket. 

Is Your Mouth Watering? Come Taste the Best Chicken Wings in Vegas ASAP

There’s no rule that says you can’t have it all, so come down to Tailgate Social and try all six flavors of crispy chicken wings–any day of the year! No national permission needed.