Host Your Fantasy Football Draft Party at Tailgate Social  

Host Your Fantasy Football Draft Party at Tailgate Social  

Tailgate Social Makes Fantasy Drafts So Good You Won’t Want To Leave

It’s that special time of year again–Fantasy Football draft season–and Tailgate Social has the best reason for you to host your fantasy draft with them: a free round of drinks! Sure, you could be lame and do your draft alone at home, but it’s so much easier to negotiate, persuade, and maybe even do an early trade in person. Or as Paul Rudd says in this fantasy draft scene from legendary comedy Knocked Up, going to his draft in person is so he “can keep [his] sanity a little bit.” So bring your team to Tailgate and get your draft and the party started with great food, friends, and top-notch drinks. 

#1 Draft Picks 

Everyone drafts their fantasy football team a little differently–some base decisions on stats and some go with pro team loyalty–but everyone knows who they want with their first pick. There’s a consensus that Jonathan Taylor seems to be the #1 pick for 2022, but only a lucky few will have the chance to get him. So if you have to revert to your backup plan, rest assured that Tailgate Social has twelve options on their #1 Draft Picks drink menu, and everyone gets their top choice every time. So maybe you won’t be able to draft the running back you had your eye on, but you’ll definitely be able to order the Moon Runner to numb the pain and prepare you for the next round–of draft picks and drinks. 

Top Five Apps 

Fantasy football has become so popular that there are many different platforms out there to use. ZDNet has ranked what they consider the best 5 fantasy football apps, with ESPN Fantasy being their top choice. When it comes to Tailgate Social’s Apps, however, all eight options are equally awesome. If you’re already overloaded with draft pick options, then just go for the Appetizer Sampler Platter with Wings, Chicken Quesadilla, Warm Pretzel Bites & Guacamole so you don’t have to make yet another decision. The best part is Tailgate Social’s Appetizer lineup will consistently earn you a win every week of the NFL season. 

What’s Your FFFFantasy…Team Name?  

One of the most fun parts of a Fantasy Draft is revealing your Fantasy Team name, which is commonly clever and hilarious. Hosting your draft at Tailgate Social means you won’t miss the reactions on your league members’ faces when they hear yours for the first time. You can tell just by glancing at Tailgate’s menu that they’re always up for a good pun or fun name, so make sure to share yours so everyone can benefit from your witty ways. If you need a little inspiration or even just want a good laugh, check out SportsNaut’s list of 200 best fantasy football names for 2022

Book Your Fantasy Draft Party at Tailgate Social

Every good player knows that starting the season off right is the key to a winning record, so make sure you book your fantasy football draft party at Tailgate Social for playoff potential and plenty of good times.