Kick Off the NFL Season at Tailgate Social 

Kick Off the NFL Season at Tailgate Social 

Tailgate Social Is Stacked and Packed for This Year’s Season Starter 

Your fantasy lineups are all finished, your jerseys and team wear are all pressed and laid out, and all you have left to do is try and contain your excitement and get some sleep…because tomorrow is the first day of football season! It’s been almost eight-long months living with the ghost of the gridiron, but this Thursday night football comes back to life under the lights with an epic match-up. Make sure you’re off the clock by 5 pm and settled in your seat at Tailgate Social, the best sports bar in Las Vegas to catch the first game of the NFL season.

Defending Champs vs. Possible Contenders 

Since 2004, the first game of the season has been hosted by the current Super Bowl champions, which means Matt Stafford and the LA Rams are opening up their stadium this Thursday, September 8th. They’ll be taking on Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, this year’s predicted Super Bowl sweethearts. Although defending Super Bowl champs are 13-3 in the Season Opener Kickoff game since its inception, many are picking the Bills to upset the status quo. The Bills are 2.5 favorites with an over-under of 53. This is perplexing to most moderate NFL aficionados, as Stafford is coming back with his Super Bowl star roster with studs like Cupper Kupp and then some; under-valued wide-receiver Allen Robinson hopes to rebound with the Rams after a messy relationship with the Chicago Bears, and Bobby Wagner is heading down from Seattle to keep the defense solid. But analysts like R.J. White from CBS Sports see the Buffalo Bills as top dog, citing their overall rank in both offense and defense last year. If you’re the betting type, check out more on odds and predictions like White’s here. If you’re more of a go-with-your-gut type, order up Tailgate Social’s gutbuster the Holey Moley Big Ass 4-Foot Stromboli, and enjoy one of the best non-conference matchups of the season. 

Monday Night Football: Seattle Seahawks vs. the Guy They Told You Not to Worry About

Many sports fans won’t openly admit it–or even realize it–but there’s plenty of room for some off-field DRAMAAAAA to add to the allure of the game. For example, Pete Caroll announced early last week that Geno Smith we’ll be the starting QB against the Denver Broncos over Drew Lock in the first Monday Night Football game of the season on September 12th. This is a juicy tidbit of information considering that the Seattle Seahawks’ ex–one who promised to stay devoted forever–is Russel Wilson, the new QB for the Broncos. Smith was Wilson’s backup for the last three years in Seattle, and since it was a toss-up on who would fill the starting slot between him and Lock, this choice seems suspiciously personal. 

It didn’t seem to phase the Broncos any as a few days later they gave Wilson a five-year, $245 million contract extension with him yet to have played even one regular season game with the franchise, making him the second-highest paid QB behind Aaron Rodgers. We’ll see how Smith and the Seahawks react to this as well as Wilson’s statement that he sees this contract extension with the Broncos as “a marriage” merely three years after making those same vows to Pete and the boys. Maybe it will lead to Wilson feeling like he’s still getting hit too much after Monday’s matchup, but with that much new Denver money, he might not care. Either way, this game is practically begging you to order an Unnecessary Roughness off Tailgate Social’s #1 Draft Picks cocktail menu to amp yourself off for this mountain-Monday matchup. 

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