RAIDER-ADE At TailGate Social Is The Key To Football Season You Didn’t Know You Needed

RAIDER-ADE At TailGate Social Is The Key To Football Season You Didn’t Know You Needed

Tailgate Social Keeps Putting Up Points For Best Sports Bar in Las Vegas

Tailgate Social just keeps giving with both hands when it comes to football season specials. There’s the September monthly special of an entire rack of smoked ribs on a bed of fries for only $23 and 75-cent wings on Saturday. Oh yeah–and there are $5 Domestic and $7 Import drafts every Monday and Thursday night. But perhaps one of the craziest, most fun specials Tailgate Social offers is RAIDER-ADE. 

What Is Raider-Ade? 

Raider-ADE takes the cute little idea of Jungle Juice from high school and college and puts it on PEDS. It comes in the 5-gallon orange jug, lovingly associated with youth sports and beer league softball, and is filled with two 5ths of your choice of either vodka, tequila, or rum, then mixed with RIPE Bar Bajan Punch and Gatorade (the boujee FIT version). This bad boy serves 8-10 people for only $195, and it is the perfect game day and indoor tailgating beverage. Also, it’s freakin’ DELICIOUS. 

This Is What You Went To School For 

Let’s do some Raider-ADE Math. The Raider-Ade comes in a 5-gallon jug. One gallon has 128 ounces, which means that Raider-ADE has 640 ounces total. If you split the Raider-ADE jug equally amongst 10 people, then each person gets 64 ounces. The average mixed drink is 8 ounces, a bottle of beer is 12, and a pint of beer is 16. So Raider-ADE means that each person has the equivalent of 8 mixed drinks, 5 bottles of beer, or 4 pints. 

Now let’s factor in cost. The average price of a mixed drink in Las Vegas is $12, $6 for a bottle of beer, and $13 for a pint, making 8 mixed drinks cost $96, 5 bottles of beer $30, and 4 pints $52. Meanwhile, Raider-ADE would only cost you $19.50–and has hydration benefits too! Raider-ADE truly is a STEAL of a DEAL. 

The Hard Part Is Over

Since Raider-ADE is the obvious choice for your weekend, there are only a few things left that you need to worry about. For example, what are you going to eat with your Raider-ADE treat? Will the September Ribs special be enough, or do you need a Cheese Quesadilla for a warm-up (fun fact, September 25th is El Dia de Quesadilla!)? There are also the ever-important decisions for your fantasy line-up: Dak Prescott, Keenan Allen, T.J. Watt, and Elijah Mitchell are just a few of the Week 1 injuries that shook the fantasy world upside down for its lunch money.  With all these other important considerations, feel proud that you started with the smart decision to go with Raider-ADE, so your track record is off to a good start! 

Want to get a look at how Raider-Ade is made to see the magic for yourself? Check it out here on Insta!