Spend Black Friday at Tailgate Social And Beat The Crowds

Spend Black Friday at Tailgate Social And Beat The Crowds

Don’t Stop Watching Sports To Shop: Do Them Both at Tailgate Social! 


Black Friday normally marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, but for a lot of dudes, that’s not necessarily true. According to InsightsinMarketing.com, 38% of men think they will still be shopping on Christmas Eve and 5% of men will finish shopping at the last minute. That’s probably because men get bored after 26 minutes of shopping whereas it takes women two hours to reach that point. A lot of that stems from ancestral behavior concerning hunting and gathering, which is also a reason why men typically like sports more–it evokes the thrill of the hunt, baby! So instead of hitting the mall this year, do what comes naturally and spend Black Friday at Tailgate Social! You can still take advantage of the deals online while you dine and watch some sports–just follow these easy tips to avoid a physical shopping trip. 

Bezos Brilliance 

There’s a reason why Jeff Bezos can afford to go to outer space–he built an online marketplace that’s out of this world. Amazon literally has almost everything, and they have Black Friday prices just like any other brick-and-mortar store. They also have the genius idea of Wish Lists, so you can look up a loved one’s preferred holiday gift list and buy them something they actually want with just one click. You can even opt for gift wrapping, so there’s another part of the process done and won. With Amazon, you can probably finish the majority of your holiday shopping in the span of one halftime. If you manage to do that, treat yourself to one of Tailgate Social’s #1 Draft Picks, The Buzzer Beater. 

Shopping Hack Sneak 

Do you have special someones who expect thoughtful, personalized gifts? Don’t worry–there’s an app for that. Several apps, in fact. The first go-to for unique holiday presents is Etsy: which is basically the boutique version of Amazon. Just use this easy search formula for instant great gift results: Person’s interest/hobby + Cute gifts. And BOOM goes the dynamite! You’ll be able to search through a ton of options that will seem like you put a lot of thought into them, and a lot of things like jewelry, accessories, or trinkets are customizable. Grab yourself a Guinness after that, since you’ll be in their World Records for “Most Thoughtful Gift” as soon as it’s unwrapped. 

A Holiday Hail Mary 

If you’re truly stumped on what to get someone for a gift, try the Pinterest route. Pinterest is basically a picture book in a world of chapter books. Every image is pinned to a board of like-minded things, and the best part is that every image is linked to the original source. It’s as if Hansel and Gretel made a shopping list–just follow the cookie crumbs to the source. Even if a person doesn’t have a specific board for what they want, you can gauge their interests and passions pretty easily. If you work up an appetite playing Holiday Holmes, then reward yourself with Tailgate Social’s Nacho Onion Rings. You can follow the beer-battered bread crumbs to Instagram to sneak a peek at these bad boys! 


Shop smart this holiday season–from a barstool at Tailgate Social!