Tailgate Social: The Ultimate Sports Bar Experience

Tailgate Social: The Ultimate Sports Bar Experience

Are you a sports enthusiast looking for the perfect spot to enjoy the NHL Stanley Cup finals in Las Vegas? Look no further than Tailgate Social, the ultimate sports bar that offers an unforgettable experience for every fan. With its vibrant atmosphere, special drink menu, fun interactive promotions, and Vegas Golden Knights jersey giveaways, Tailgate Social is the place to be during the playoffs. Let’s dive into the details and discover why this sports bar is a game-changer for sports lovers in Vegas.

The NHL Stanley Cup Watch Parties at Tailgate Social

When it comes to watching the NHL Stanley Cup, Tailgate Social knows how to turn up the excitement. They host thrilling watch parties that bring fans together to cheer for their favorite teams. Tailgate Social is equipped with over 30 high-definition screens strategically placed to ensure everyone has a clear view of the game. The energetic ambiance and passionate crowd create an electrifying atmosphere that enhances the joy of watching the playoffs.

Special Drink Menu: Quench Your Thirst with Exciting Options

Tailgate Social takes your game day experience to the next level with their special drink menu. Quench your thirst with a wide selection of beverages, including craft beers, signature cocktails, and refreshing non-alcoholic options. Whether you prefer a classic beer or an innovative mixology creation, the bar has something to satisfy every taste. The talented bartenders are always ready to serve up your favorite drink, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action.

Fun Interactive Promotions: Engage in Games and Activities

Tailgate Social goes beyond just watching the game; they provide a range of interactive promotions that keep the excitement going throughout the playoffs. Engage in our “Choose your Knight” promotion. Choose a player from the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team, and if they score, your entire table will receive a free round of specialty house shots. From jersey giveaways to signed memorabilia, the bar ensures that the fun extends beyond the ice rink. They will also be giving away a free official Vegas Golden Knights jersey upon a Knights win. These promotions not only entertain but also give you a chance to win exciting prizes.

Vegas Golden Knights Jersey Giveaways: Win Your Favorite Team’s Merchandise

As a proud supporter of the Vegas Golden Knights, Tailgate Social celebrates the playoffs by hosting jersey giveaways. Imagine walking away with an official Vegas Golden Knights jersey, proudly displaying your allegiance to the team. These giveaways create an atmosphere of anticipation and add an extra thrill to the watch parties. Don’t miss the opportunity to win your favorite team’s merchandise and become a true fan.

Why Tailgate Social is the Best Sports Bar in Las Vegas

Tailgate Social stands out as the best sports bar in Las Vegas for several reasons. Firstly, its prime location in the heart of the city makes it easily accessible for both locals and tourists. The bar’s stylish and comfortable setting ensures a pleasant experience for all visitors. Secondly, the friendly and attentive staff contribute to the welcoming atmosphere, providing top-notch service to enhance your enjoyment. Lastly, Tailgate Social’s dedication to creating a memorable sports bar experience sets it apart from the rest.


Tailgate Social offers the ultimate sports bar experience in Las Vegas during the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. With its vibrant ambiance, special drink menu, engaging promotions, and jersey giveaways, this bar is a haven for sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply enjoy the thrill of the game, Tailgate Social guarantees an unforgettable time. So gather your friends, head to Tailgate Social, and cheer for your favorite team while enjoying all the perks this sports bar has to offer.


  1. Can I make a reservation for the NHL Stanley Cup watch parties at Tailgate Social?

Yes, Tailgate Social allows reservations for the watch parties. It’s advisable to make a reservation in advance to secure your spot, especially during peak times.

  1. Are children allowed at Tailgate Social during the watch parties?

Tailgate Social is primarily a sports bar, and during the watch parties, it tends to have a lively and energetic atmosphere. Therefore, it’s recommended for adults, but children may be allowed if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  1. Is Tailgate Social exclusively for hockey fans, or can I watch other sports there as well?

Tailgate Social caters to a wide range of sports enthusiasts. While it is a popular spot for NHL watch parties, they also broadcast other major sporting events, including basketball, football, and soccer.

  1. Can I order food while watching the games at Tailgate Social?

Absolutely! Tailgate Social offers a delicious menu featuring classic bar food and appetizers, perfect for munching on while enjoying the games. From nachos to wings, you’ll find a variety of options to satisfy your cravings.

  1. Does Tailgate Social have any outdoor seating options?

No, unfortunately we currently only have indoor seating, but have great booth window seats with a plethora of outside light from large windows.