Celebrate Thanksgiving at Tailgate Social’s Touchdowns & Turkey

Celebrate Thanksgiving at Tailgate Social’s Touchdowns & Turkey

Tailgate Social’s Touchdowns & Turkey: NFL Football and Great Specials For Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving has different meanings and symbolism that have developed over the years. For some people, it means gathering with family and friends around a table. For others, it’s more about the food like turkey and pumpkin pie. And then there are those who hear “Thanksgiving” and think of FOOTBALL. For Tailgate Social, Thanksgiving is all of the above. That’s why this Thanksgiving Thursday, Tailgate Social’s Touchdowns & Turkey will be held from 12 pm-9 pm!  

Drink Specials 

The genius behind Tailgate Social’s drink specials for Thanksgiving is that they are great for those dining in as well as for those coming to watch the game on a full stomach. There are $5 Domestic Pitchers and $7 Import Pitchers perfect for sharing with friends and family while you watch the game. You can also toast to good times, good people, and great plays with $7 Casamigos or Crown Royal Shots. Since most people don’t have to go to work the next day, it’s a perfect time to imbibe and relish in the communal vibe.  

Food Specials

The NFL has been hosting games on Thanksgiving since 1934, so watching a game is a classic part of the holiday for many Americans. That’s why Tailgate has the Classic Thanksgiving Plate to complete the experience. It comes with Thanksgiving staples of slow-roasted dark and white turkey meat, whipped mashed potatoes, house-made stuffing, and cranberry sauce all for only $27. They also have the Lil’ Robbie Sandwich special with slow-roasted turkey and topped with house-made stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo for $17. The Lil’ Robbie is perfect if you ate at nana’s earlier and are ready for round 2, or if you’re just one of those people that likes their Thanksgiving meal to be stacked between two pieces of bread. 

The Games at Tailgate Social’s Touchdowns & Turkey

This is one of those football experiences where it stinks to be on the West Coast. The NFL is hosting a tripleheader this year, starting with the Buffalo Bills against the Detroit Lions at 12:30 PM ET. That is 9:30 AM in Vegas and a brutal start time for the morning after Blackout Wednesday. Luckily, the next two games are at a decent time for all Americans, with the New York Giants taking on the Dallas Cowboys at 1:30 PM PT. This will be the Cowboys’ 55th Thanksgiving game they’ve played (the Lions have played 83, but not sure it counts if you aren’t awake to see it). The last Thanksgiving Day match-up is with the New England Patriots (actually called the New England Pilgrims for this day only–JK, JK) versus the Minnesota Vikings at 5:20 PM. That’s a solid 9 hours of Thanksgiving football to watch at Tailgate Social