The new way to Tailgate in Las Vegas

The new way to Tailgate in Las Vegas

Coming to Palace Station, the all new Tailgate Social Sports Bar and Grill will change the way you think about tailgating! Tailgating has long been a way for friends and family to get together and root for their favorite teams, but sometimes it can cause more trouble than anticipated. Although tailgating can be a great experience, it has never been more stressful for the common fan.
Those who choose to tailgate often tend to a laundry list of tasks before they can even think about having a great time at the game.

Before the game even starts, the troops need to be rallied for a head count. Once the guest list has been decided, a true tailgater must take inventory for the essential equipment. Drinks? Burgers and dogs? Foam finger? Lucky game day koozie? Check, check, check and check. Next, the road to the stadium is ahead. Did you leave early enough? Will there be enough spots? Every second of precious tailgating time relies on the ability to answer each of these critical questions correctly. If everything goes as planned, congrats, you made it. But, the real tailgating cannot commence until the food is cooked and the beer is ice cold. Finally, let the tailgating games begin. The only problem now is, just as you’re getting started, it’s time to pack into the stadium for the real game. After all that, was it really worth it?

Welcome to Tailgate Social! Where it is our job to bring the tailgating experience to you! Without any of the hassle of getting to the game, packing your cooler or burning the only burgers you packed… tailgating with us has never been easier! From the bar to the main dining area, everyone gets a front row seat to every moment at any big game. With over 30 HD TV’s, viewers will have tons of choices to get the perfect angle. In addition to the amazing viewing experience, Tailgate Social will be featuring a menu that not even the best tailgaters will be able to pass up on. From the burgers and wings all the way down to the desert menu, every bite will leave you wanting more. And that is not all, Tailgate Social also spotlights one of the best beer lists of any sports bar in Las Vegas. And not to mention, it’s always ice cold. The experience we supply at Tailgate Social will be completely one of a kind and will definitely prove to be the best sports bar in Las Vegas.

By surrounding each patron with TV’s there is no way to miss even a second of the action. Whether it’s the Knights fighting for a Stanley Cup or the Raiders playing for the Super Bowl, not a moment will be spared here at Tailgate Social. Worrying about getting a seat that faces a TV? Not a problem! Every seat in our house comes with the best view. Don’t want to go home once the game is over? We like the sound of that! Tailgate Social is designed to keep the fans entertained and competing even when the game is over with our plethora of games and activities that will surely be fun for all.

The menu at Tailgate Social is specifically engineered to fit the exact need of every type of tailgater imaginable. Rather than grilling burgers and hot dogs outside the stadium yourself, you can have the amazing staff of Tailgate Social cater to your every need. If you still want the normal tailgate feeling of a burger and french fries, we have terrific choices. Want to spice it up? Try our selection of amazing wings, street tacos and much more! While you are at it you can bring your family, friends, or even your co workers to join in on the fun. With an extremely unique space of over 3,000 square feet, Tailgate Social has the capability to accommodate any party size. With unique menu options made for larger groups, we’ve got just the choices for you and your team!

When it comes to drinks, look no further than our enormous craft and domestic beer selection as well as a wide variety of cocktail options. Very few sports bars in Las Vegas feature a comparable beer and cocktail selection to that of Tailgate Social’s. Not to mention, Tailgate Social is home to the best happy hour in town. Nothing will relieve you of that mid week stress like a trip to Tailgate Social for an ice cold beer from our world class beer list.

Tailgate Social gives an entirely new feeling to “watching the game at the bar.” It brings together everything that you love about being at the game and leaves out what you don’t. Hate paying expensive ticket prices for a spot in the nose bleeds? Can’t spare seconds of the game to stand in long lines? Or simply you can’t justify paying soaring prices for food that just isn’t good? Then Tailgate Social is the place for you. With great views, top of the line service and a justifiable menu, there is no other place to be on gameday!