Treat Yo’ Self To Tailgate Social For This Iconic Day of Self-Celebration  

Treat Yo’ Self To Tailgate Social For This Iconic Day of Self-Celebration  

It’s Treat Yo’ Self Day & A Day of Indulgence at Tailgate Social Keeps The Doctor Away 

When it comes to iconic self-care, Tommy Haverford said it best: “Treat. Yo’. Self.” He may be a fictional character, but the dude actually knows what’s up. You have to allow yourself to get a little extra so you don’t become uber boring or burnt out. So let yourself live a little–or a lot–this Thursday, October 13th at Tailgate Social for unofficially official Treat Yo’ Self Day and keep those bummers or blues away. 


Treating Yo’ Self can take many different shapes or forms, but one common point is that you should indulge. Some think indulging is negative, but really it means yielding, giving in, or letting go. Or, for some, to unclench for once. It’s good for your mental health and can lower stress levels if you do it once in a while. So, go ahead and let yourself order the Baby Back Ribs special, or heck, get two of them. Get the Bacon Cheddar Tater Tots instead of the regular ones. Have an extra beer or have a little fun with it and order the Tipsy Tower. You can do it. Treat Yo’ Self. 


Like a gift from the gods, “Treat Yo’ Self” Day 2022 falls on a Thursday, which means Tailgate Social already has the treats lined up with the Thursday Night Football Specials. $5 Domestic Pitchers? $7 Import Pitchers? Treat Yo’ Self. $7 Casamigos Reposado or Crown Royal Shots? Treat Yo Self. You can watch the Chicago Bears take on the Washington Commanders (who recently treated themselves to a better name than “The Washington Football Team”) without breaking the bank or going berserk trying to watch it at home. Sit back, relax, go Bears!, and enjoy!  


Studies show that being nice toward yourself and others helps you feel even better. Why not give yourself and your crew the gift of the Holey Moley Big Ass 4-Foot Stromboli? This table-long tube of pepperoni, sausage, roasted peppers, mozzarella & parmesan cheese with pizza sauce for dipping is perfect for sharing, and, thus, caring. You can be a “Social Smash” while you drink one–the Jim Beam bourbon-based cocktail with brown sugar, mint, and Stiegl Grapefruit lager–both satisfying and self-indulgent.