Watch the MLB All-Star Game at Tailgate Social

Watch the MLB All-Star Game at Tailgate Social

Experience a Win-Win Watching the MLB All-Star Game at Tailgate Social 

It’s that time of the year when every baseball fan has a reason to drink. Whether you’ve spent the first half of the season boozin’ cause your team is losin’ or tipsy from being on top, the only rivalry that doesn’t stop this week is American vs. National league. Baseball’s best and brightest will take the field at Dodger Stadium on July 19th to battle for bragging rights under the lights. The best seats outside of LA to watch the MLB All-Star Game are at Tailgate Social. Pull up a barstool and order one of these All-star Rounds for one of the biggest sports showdowns of the year. 

Blurred Limes 

It’s always a little awkward when the boys who usually battle in the division become brothers in arms for the day. To ease the tension, have a little rum while you root for the bros you usually boo with the Blurred Limes, refreshing Bacardi Superior mixed with Mint and Cucumber water. It might not be the only changeup you appreciate during the game, but it will be the only one you’ll be glad to have coming toward your face. 

Hall of Famer

No matter where your loyalties lie, we can all agree that there hasn’t been a guy like Shohei Ohtani in baseball for a long time, or possibly ever. Whether he’s pitching from the mound or in the lineup as a designated hitter, Ohtani is making Hall of Fame waves that will ride him all the way down to Cooperstown. This is his second year of being nominated as an All-Star for two positions, something no one person has ever done before. The Hall of Famer with Woodinville and Stirrings Old Fashioned is the perfect drink to clink to a class act and legend in the making. 

Sweet Chin Music 

The only crowding of the plate that should occur at this All-Star Game should be around some nachos, but if you’re looking for a little high while inside, order up a Sweet Chin Music. Casamigos Blanco stirred with pineapple juice, Orgeat, and lime is so good that it will make you back up….to the bartender to order another. You can watch the best of the league load the bases while getting a little loaded yourself, responsibly of course. Everyone goes back to regulation play the next day whether you’re a pro baseball player or not.