Watch the MLB Playoffs at Tailgate Social

Watch the MLB Playoffs at Tailgate Social

Grab Some Beers and Watch the MLB Playoffs at Tailgate Social 

The Raiders are on a bye this week, and it’s okay to admit you also need a little break after their 1-4 start to this season. So while you wait to see whether they get their act together (ahem, especially you Devante) over their nearly two-week break and focus on something else, come down and watch the MLB playoffs at Tailgate Social. Indulge in the Baby Back Rib Special or Crispy Style Chicken Wings with five choices of sauce while you bond with the bros over America’s Pastime. For those coming off a football bender, here’s an MLB Playoff update to take you from on deck to the batter’s box. 

Phillies Take Down Reigning Champs 

Mugatu isn’t wrong–the Phillies are so hot right now. The Wild Card Wonders finished third in their division, eked into the playoffs, and somehow beat the Central Division champion St. Louis Cardinals. Not for nothing, they then came and took out the reigning World Series Champions  Atlanta Braves without even needing the fifth game. Maybe this streak of good fortune was brought forth by the managerial sacrifice of Joe Girardi. Maybe the Phillies are just actually really good. We’ll see this week during the National League Championship Series where they’ll play the Padres for the pennant. 

Yankees vs. Guardians

This series was like if every 90’s baseball movie came to life: the underdogs manage to upset the big, bad Yankees to go on to compete for the pennant. The Yankees should have had this series locked down: they won the A.L. East and 99 total games in the regular season and had Big Boy Aaron Judge break the home run record. But Judge was 0-9 by his first at-bat in Game 3 and only hit one homer all post-season, and the Yankees scoring strategy of just blasting balls over the fence finally fell short. The Guardians are a young, spunky team with seventeen rookies on the roster (seventeen!) who chip away at the pitcher with strategic hits and hard base running.

Astros vs. Mariners 

The Astros will take on the Yankees after sweeping the Mariners like a bug under a rug last week. While it seemed like it was an easy three in a row, the Mariners did put up an 18-inning last stand in a baseball version of the Alamo for Game 3.  It’s the sixth season in a row that the Astros will advance to the ALCS, which to non-Astro fans (and there are many lately for some weird reason) might make you garbage-can-banging mad. For all of you Houston homies, ask your bartender to make you a Dusty Baker shot to celebrate: it’s equal parts Malibu, Baileys, and Blue Curacao that’ll go down WAY smoother than Dusty’s time with the Cubs. 

Padres vs. Dodgers 

Let’s hope you hedged your Mookie Betts on this SoCal series as it didn’t turn out as many had planned. The Dodgers went into the postseason with a franchise record of 111 games this season yet still lost to the San Diego Padres in only 4 games. Thanks to a full-team effort and special showcasing like Josh Hader’s pitching, hometown hunnie Joe Musgrove’s hits and hit-prevention, and Jake Cronenworth’s tie-breaking single in Game 4, the Padres will advance to the NLCS for the first time since 1998. This team has a lot of heart, and it’ll be an interesting battle against the Pfire-hot Phillies this week.