Watch The Pro Bowl at Tailgate Social

Watch The Pro Bowl at Tailgate Social

Peep The NFL All Stars From Vegas’s Best Sports Bar 

The NFL Pro Bowl is coming to Vegas February 2nd -5th! If you’re not able to watch it in person, then the next best play is to watch the Pro Bowl at Tailgate Social! This year the Pro Bowl will have a fun new format, featuring a flag football game as the main event and new skills competitions like a water balloon toss, dodgeball tournament, and a Longest Drive golfing contest. Adding mayhem to the melee is the Manning Brothers–Peyton and Eli–who will be coaching the AFC and NFC teams, respectively. Below are Tailgate Social’s recommended beer choices for the AFC and NFC teams, also respectively. 

H3: AFC   

Beer Name: Elysian Contact Haze

From: Chico, California 

Brewery: Sierra Nevada

Style: American IPA 

ABV: 6.7%

IBU: 39

Pairs Best With: Bacon Cheddar Tater Tots 

Why It Slaps: This beer has a light to medium body and is not overpowering when it comes to hoppiness. It has some fruity undertones of guava, raspberry, citrus, passion fruit, and currant that gives a bit of a boost through the nose. 

Review: “I like this beer because it looks tough since it’s an IPA but it’s not that strong. Sort of like me, in this jersey, watching football, instead of playing it.” 


H3: NFC 

Beer Name: Shocktop 

From: Fort Collins, Colorado 

Brewery: Anheuser-Busch 

Style: Belgian White 

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: 10

Pairs Best With: Warm Pretzel Bites 

Why It Slaps: This beer is zesty. It’s brewed with actual orange, lemon, and lime peels for an authentic citrus kick. It started off being brewed at a small brewery in Colorado under the name “Spring Heat Spiced Wheat,” before it got quite literally drafted by Anheuser-Busch. So, it was good enough to go Pro. 

Review: “I chose Shocktop to drink for the NFC because of the name: I will literally be shocked if the NFC comes out on top in the Pro Bowl.” 


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