Watch The World Cup at Tailgate Social!  

Watch The World Cup at Tailgate Social!  

Tailgate Social Has FIFA World Cup 2022 Fever!

Four years is a long time to wait for the most-watched single-sporting event in the world, and this time it was even a few months longer, but the time for World Cup 2022 is finally here! While normally held in July, World Cup 2022 is being held November 20th-December 18th because it is hosted by Qatar, which is eleven hours ahead and about an average of eight degrees hotter than Las Vagas in the summer. Despite the temperatures dropping, players and 3.6 billion fans still have high soccer fever, so Tailgate Social will show access to the cure. Read on for all that you need to know before you come to watch The World Cup at Tailgate Social! 

First Round

The way that soccer teams compete for the World Cup is a little different than the Olympics where every recognized country can send teams. For FIFA World Cup soccer, a team has to qualify based on regulated matches throughout a specific time period. That’s why the United States Men’s Team was not in the last World Cup. There are only 32 teams that can compete, and only a certain number of countries can qualify per region (so if you’re looking for Italy this year, you won’t find them). The idea behind this is that it’s faster and better soccer. The first round has qualifying teams in groups of four based on geographical factors, seeding, and drawing lots that play each other once and earn points: three points for a win, one for a draw, and none for a defeat. The top two teams from each group move on to the second round–The Round of 16. There are 8 groups total, seeded 1-4, so the first round of the World Cup takes almost two weeks. 

Tailgate’s World Cup Picks 

While Team USA actually made it into this year’s tournament, they’re not really slated to go very far. Most have hopes that they will actually make it to The Round of 16, but that may not be the case. But, just like March Madness, The World Cup is a fun and exhilarating three weeks even if your team gets eliminated early on. There are a lot of upsets and Cinderalla stories just waiting to emerge and a lot of impressive teams to watch and cheer for. Brazil is currently the favorite to win it all, with France a close second. However, Brazil hasn’t won the title since 2002 and France is currently the reigning champ from 2018. The next high-hopefuls are Lionel Messi’s Argentina, England, and Spain. Here are two of those top games to catch at Tailgate Social: 

Saturday, Nov 26th – Argentina vs. Mexico @11AM 

Sunday, Nov 27th – Spain vs. Germany @11AM 

Stay Tuned, Soccer Fans

It’s hard to know which teams are going to advance past the first round, so keep one eye open and one ear to the ground once December 2nd rolls around. There could be some incredibly hot matches that develop, so make sure to check back in with Tailgate Social on their website or Instagram as things progress. When the final match does come to a head on Sunday, December 18th, it will be at 7 AM–but have no fear–Tailgate Social is going to open early for it! Now that is a first-class soccer move that would even impress Pelé!